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September 09, 2018

No matter how many bags I stuff into my closet, I often keep coming home with more. That’s how my love for handbags is inseparable.

Recently, I saw my bestie with an awesome designer bag from Kate Spade. With my cravings for handbags, I wanted to purchase that similar bag too. But guess what, the bag cost like $298. Holly Molly! While I could spend that much money just to see myself rocking that handbag. My frugal conscience won’t let me do it. I have a few couple of designer clothes and shoes but if I started buying $300 bags every week I could be dead broke in a few months. I still liked the bag though, but I had to look for an alternative.

If you are crazy about the Kate Spade collections, I bet you can agree with me that they have simple yet elegant bags and even clothes. They just know how to accent their leather bags so good and the logo is quite something. Their durability is also another point to give credit to them.

But hey! Not everyone can cough that much bucks for a handbag. I love cheap thrills too, you know!

We actually had to source sassy and classy handbags that have a similar feel and quality of the Kate Spades, but now for those on a budget.

If you want something of good quality, simple and elegant that is extremely affordable, better start getting your credit card out because the bags I am going to list for you cost less than $50. Unbelievable, right? I know.

We got your back guys, you don’t have to break your bank account to look good. With this collection of bags that we just stocked, everyone will be breaking their necks just looking at you as you walk down the streets.

So here you go with the list.

By Your Side PU leather crossbody bag with tassels

Shop it now for $39.99

Not many retailer stores have this type of bag, but I have seen several fashion icons rocking this bag. It is a simple but sophisticated messenger crossbody bag that is adorned with some tassels on the side. It comes in various colors (Blue, Gray, Purple, Beige, Brown, Black and Wine Red)


Joanna Vintage Shoulder bag Casual tote bag

Shop it now for $39.99

You can rock this bag with literally anything in your closet. It matches dresses, shorts and even jeans. Besides that, you can use it either during the fall or summer. It honestly doesn’t limit you at all. It is quite spacious and you can carry a lot of stuff with it.

 It is available in black, gray, green and light brown.


Fall is here PU Leather Casual Shoulder bag

Shop it now for $39.99

Available in black, green and red, this shoulder bag is suitable for the fall season is it is quite spacious as well. Has a zip closure and can be rocked with either dresses, jeans or shorts.

You can use it for your night out or even when travelling out of town because it has enough space as well as interior compartments (zipper pocket, cell phone pocket and the main pocket). The lining material is made from linen.

I have seen Gigi Hadid a couple of times with such a similar bag. It is something you don’t wanna miss in your closet.


Keep it Sassy Black and white Patchwork handbag.

Shop it now for $48.99

Now for the ladies who need something for office, this is the bag you should have. The patchwork is just amazing, leave alone the design. Bag is made from PU leather, and it’s a zip closure bag with polyester lining material. This is for office so no space for too much stuffing. It has a cellphone pocket, main pocket and another interior zipper pocket.

The patchworks come in either gray or red. Check more details about it.



The Slaying Essential Vintage Shoulder Bag

Shop it for $39.99

Available in Beige Black and Brown, the bag is beautifully finished. It has a long enough strap to be used as either a crossbody or shoulder bag. It’s a zipper closure type with cellphone pocket, and zipper pockets. It is a versatile type of bag that can be used for several occasions. Just having it in your closet will get it useful in several occasions that will come up.


Out here slaying Floral Print Shoulder Bag

Shop it for $39.99

This tote bag is made from PU leather, comes in red, gray and blue. The most amazing thing about it is the finishing style that was used. The fading color transition on the exterior is just amazing. The bag is really unique, never seen it elsewhere but be sure that this unique accessory will get you noticed. It is large with enough space and the lining material is polyester.

Prepare to get several compliments as you walk into the office or down the streets.


Sassy n’ Classy Bucket Shoulder Bag

Shop it here for$39.99

Another bag for the office collection. This bag also will give you more accolades than you’ve ever gotten. The bag has everything nice you would want for an office bag. Spacious, classy, elegant, you name. For a designer, you could have parted with not less than $350, but why spend that much when you can get the same quality at an affordable price. You got rent to pay you know.


“Hey Girl” PU leather clutch bag.

Shop it now for $29.99

This is considerably small but spacious enough for you to carry some essential stuff either going to office or some corporate event. Goes along well with official or casual occasions. Its versatility is unlimited. Has a couple of pockets compartments and its vintage look is just amazing. You can use it as a shoulder bag or handbag. Comes in blue, army green, and rose red.

Check more details about it here




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